Blog Post 7

The brainstorming session focused more on creating and deciphering a question we wanted to ask about our chosen topic. Our tutor wrote out our proposed questions on one sheet of paper and as a group we went through each persons questions; analyzing what aspects could be adapted to create a clearer question. This process was essential to us all as through the conversations of how we could shape our question better we came to clarify what we actually wanted to ask – rather than what we thought we wanted to ask.

Importantly about this process, is that through creating clearer questions we were able to create a clearer vision of what we might produce at the end. We explored the idea of reducing our questions back to a broader idea and then building upon it again to create a ‘super’ question that maintained the message we wanted to send as well as being a question we could ‘bounce’ forth from. My original question was “How as a community can we deal with the growing epidemic of obesity in rural Australia?”. After discussing it with the group we agreed that asking the community to engage and help create a solution was a strong approach however I needed to define who ‘we’ are and who the community was. It was also noted that to ‘deal with’ was unclear so there needed to be a reworking of language there. My finalised question is “How can the Tamworth community respond to the growing obesity epidemic?”, which is much more direct and refined.

As a group we did not have the chance to explore everybody’s design possibilities so I have been exploring these on my own, which are as follows;

  • A ‘healthy lifestyle’ book for Tamworth that would feature outdoor sites and activities that people can join, healthy recipes and wellbeing tips.
  • A group that meets for healthy home cooked meals – taking away the need to go to pubs and clubs for social meal gatherings while maintain the social aspects of an outing
  • A healthy living community for the small towns surrounding Tamworth, were the use of carpooling extends to grocery runs to help more people maintain fresh produce in their diets
  • Healthy lunch day for the local schools where instead of ordering lunch, the parents take it in turns to provide the children with healthy recess and lunches, as well as having outdoor activities planned to stimulate their physical needs and act as a brain stimulant
  • Combining all of the above into a ‘council funded program’ focusing on rural health and wellbeing for the small towns around Tamworth

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